Secondary Mental Health Service

What is Secondary Mental Health?

We accept referrals and offer a face-to-face mental health assessment for people living in the area (registered with a Hull GP) who are experiencing a severe and debilitating mental health problem. This could be severe or chronic depression, severe anxiety, deliberate self-harm or suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol misuse or bipolar disorder that is seriously affecting the way you function day to day. The service is also for people experiencing psychosis, which is when you perceive or interpret events differently to others which can include hallucinations, delusions or flight of ideas.

We offer an open referral system and people can contact the service directly for support. The team work with CRISIS resolution and Home treatment services and will ensure immediate referral is made to this service if deemed appropriate.

What happens after I’ve been referred?

An appointment has been made for you to have a face to face assessment with a member of the Secondary Mental Health team.

If you have a preference regarding the gender of the assessing clinician we will make every effort to accommodate this, but this may increase the time you have to wait to be seen.

We have rooms available at our base Miranda House, but also use other premises across the city. You will be seen as near to where you live as possible.

What happens in an assessment?

In the assessment we will talk about your current difficulties, any previous involvement you have had with mental health services, family history and any other relevant health information. This information is gathered to enable the clinician to direct you to the service that is appropriate to meet your needs.

We will gain your consent to share information with other relevant professionals.

What happens after the assessment?

At the end of your assessment the clinician will talk to you about the options for further treatment and support.

In most cases the decision is relatively straightforward and you will be informed of the next steps in your care at the end of your assessment appointment. This will be confirmed in writing after your appointment.

However, sometimes if your needs are very complex further discussion with the team may be needed to identify the most relevant service.

If we have consent we will write to your GP (and any other referral agency) and send them a copy of your assessment. We are happy to provide you with a copy at your request.

Humber work hard to ensure all patient needs are met and we will work with you to listen, understand and signpost you to the most appropriate services to further aid your recovery.

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